I Believe in the Mission of Motherhood

Sometimes I see those great mothers on Pinterest who do EVERYTHING and I think….

“Hmm, maybe I should have them do some stuff for me!”


You know what I’m talking about, the Stepford-esque ones with the great hair and the trendy clothes in the pristine homes with the infant on the boob wearing the dress she just smocked and the toddler with the organic bento box lunch wearing the just right outfit for her preschool program for which 200 whole grain acai berry muffins are baking away to be hot and ready just in time to be early to get a good seat so she can capture the blissful scene on video to share with the world on Facebook. Phew, I’m not sure about you but I’m tired just reading that. There is good news though; I’m convinced theses women do not exist. Sure, SOME days are great and we’ve got it all together, but other days just crumble to pieces. Praise the Lord; most days are in the middle.

Let’s give ourselves a break this New Year, let’s resolve to get down to the real mission of motherhood. Once we’ve found it, let’s focus on that and not on comparing, competing, and judging each other.

At this point, our children are much too young for us to estimate their destiny. Any one of us could have a child who may hold a seat in Congress determining the direction our country will take. What would help them better in that career a crocheted Halloween costume and made from scratch brownies for class or time spent with a parent who demonstrated concepts like respect, honesty, and love? What would better prepare a future astronaut; lavish birthday parties or someone who fosters a passion for reading and exploring?  Perhaps the undivided attention and superfluous applause following your child’s performance of a nonsensical song will be the trigger for the next great composer. Who knows, maybe one more band aid on a fictitious boo boo will mold a child’s heart towards practicing medicine. There is no greater or more fulfilling calling than that of motherhood, every single day we shape eternity for better or for worse. What lasting imprint are we leaving?

Let us be sure not to miss out on the overarching mission; the one where we are a mirror. We are the first reflection of God that our children see. If our only legacy in rearing them is that they stand before Him in awe then we have been a success. He is not just the provider of the meals we ask Him to bless but the creator Himself! Let us endeavor to show our children just what He means to us.



Eternal Hope.

I’m resolved, are you?

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