I believe in trust…

In romantic relationships trust is built block by block. From the very first pick up line one can determine to welcome or reject further communication with another individual. Progress in the relationship status is determined by a myriad of factors but trust is one of them, chief of them being, “can I trust this person with the real me?”

However, the child to parent trust relationship is unique as it appears to be instantaneous. Perhaps this is genetic from their complete lack of ability to survive without us.

Recently my 4 year old daughter and I had a conversation about an event that happened a few months ago. She said to me, “Hey Mama, remember when we were at Kyle’s football game and I fell in the hole? Then you came in the hole and I wasn’t scared anymore!” The “hole” in this story refers to the openings between the bleachers. She was no longer afraid once the person she trusted was with her.

I love the parallel that this type of relationship draws for us to visualize our relationship with Christ. Our trust in Him is automatic once we recognize our complete reliance on Him to sustain us. Then we no longer have to live in fear because the one in whom we trust is always with us.

The truly incredible difference between these two types of relationships is not in the way the trust is established but in the way it is torn down. In the case of both earthly relationships, the romantic and the familial, trust is demolished at the moment that the one being trusted in fails in some way. Or when the one who is doing the trusting no longer believes in the reliability of their trust in that individual. In our relationship with Christ however, He never fails us. Our trust in Him is infinitely reliable and cannot be destroyed.