I believe in Waiting in the Hallway…


Often people speak of doors opening and closing, but rarely do we hear of the time spent in the hallway. We like to reflect on life as one happy snapshot to the next, and neglect to remember the trail we took to get there. There are a fortunate group, who peer safely from inside the last door they entered to see if another door across the hallway is open or not. The remainder feel a door close behind them and then…they wait…

A friend recently found herself in this waiting group. She felt God leading her away from her current position and resigned. Next, she applied for two openings, one a dream job and another a great option as well. Days turned into weeks of waiting in the hallway, then she finally got a call from the great option. Before interviewing, her family was sitting down to dinner, and her son led the family grace asking God to give his mom the dream job! I’m tearing up now as I remember his childlike faith. The one that had not given up hope yet when all hope seemed to be lost.

She was offered the great position (because she’s awesome!) and was elated that the door had opened! Wouldn’t you know it though, the dream job came calling as well! After interviewing there, her son led the family prayer time once more and pleaded with God to let his mom hear that she was hired for the dream job that very night! Can we just pause for a moment at this request? This child knows that NOTHING is impossible for God and to share with Him the desires of our hearts. My friend explained to her son that HR would not be available to let her know about the position that night, but guess what, THEY DID ANYWAY! If you’re not joining me in getting misty by now, I must not have done justice to telling their story.

When I think of this woman’s example of patience in the hallway, and this child’s example of faith I see some areas I can improve in for sure! You see, I’m in the hallway myself right now. To tell you the truth, I’ve been here for almost a year. I can choose to let it continue to torment me as I pace up and down the hallway, or I can choose to grow in my weaknesses so that when the door opens, I’m stronger for having waited.

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