I Believe in Great Expectations

The radio disc jockey declares, Donald Trump is announcing a great grandson… can you imagine if that was YOUR grandfather? Man he should be expecting some amazing gifts!

Since when has our society sunk to this level of expectation? Generosity is an incredible thing and I would hope that I would be considered a generous person. Yet, I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that I should expect to get something from someone simply because they have more than me.

Perhaps what Donald Trump’s grandson SHOULD expect is to get a lesson from a man who is successful in business; to be taught what it is to put in hard work and reap its rewards. What will truly benefit the grandson more, a bundle of Christmas gifts under the tree and birthday parties that resemble rock concerts… or a lifetime of knowledge stemming from years of experience passed on?

So the big question is; if I won’t accept the expectations of the world around me, what do I expect?

 I expect people to do their part.

I expect to be treated with consideration and respect.

I expect integrity.

I expect forgiveness.

I expect mistakes, and I expect lessons to be learned from them.

I expect you to expect the same things from me.